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Client Testimonials….


peggys cove, ns, nova scotia, engaged, engagement, photography, photographer, ocean, water, sea, rocks, ring, love, couple, wave horsepower formula xxl AMAZING!

That is the first word that comes to mind when describing our experience with Sandra. From the moment we met Sandra, we knew we were in good hands as she was very organized and had a creative flare to her photography, which is what we were looking for.

Sandra first did our engagement photos at our favourite place, Peggy’s Cove. Even with the intense wind that day, Sandra was able to capture some fantastic pictures. We also really wanted to have a sunset picture, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us. Knowing how much we wanted this picture, Sandra took a picture and then added the sunset when editing.

You couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t real!

As for our wedding pictures, they were spectacular. Even with the rain, Sandra found a location for our pictures that was perfect for us. Sandra not only did our pictures, but she also did our wedding video, and on short notice! The video turned out great, and I’m so happy that I’ll now have this memory captured forever.

Overall, Sandra was a pleasure to work with. She’s flexible, reasonably priced, and accommodating. Everything that I was looking for as a bride. I would recommend her services to anyone!

–Nathalie & Matt

halifax, ns, nova scotia, best western, chocolate, lake, wedding, bride, groom, ring, rings, bouquet, ceremony, reception, photo, booth,first danceThere are so many reasons we went with Sandra.

Her packages are outstanding, the value is unbeatable, and they included everything we needed and more. Every so often Sandra would introduce add ons to her existing packages and then add them to our package at no extra charge even though we’d already signed a contract.

We felt from the beginning that Sandra wanted beautiful pictures as much as we did. She really showed it by pre-scouting the area and figuring out the best places to get the look we wanted. She has a wonderful style but still took into account what our vision was and then improved on it, giving us photos we didn’t expect and


We were lucky to meet Sandra as she began doing video, they are invaluable. The day goes by so fast it’s nice to watch it later. I still can’t get through it without crying.

One of the most helpful things Sandra did for us, was take charge of the schedule. She’s like a magician with time, she fit in everything we wanted. The final pictures speak for themselves, she captured not only the feeling of the day but every single detail. We couldn’t be happier! To this day, she’s still doing little fixes for me when I ask and maintaining our online gallery. Outstanding service.

–Heather & Neal

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Sandra is absolutely amazing! She recently did our wedding and I can not stop looking at the pictures! She went above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend her for anything regarding photos. You made our special day that much better by capturing our moments! You rock!

–Savannah & Darren

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ever since you added that first sneak peak wedding photo I have not been able to put my phone down. I’ve been looking through our album 500 times a day and it seem like every time I look at a picture again I find something else I love about it.

Having you at our wedding was an absolute joy, from helping to sew my “something blue” onto my bouquet before my wedding to helping me remove stains from my dress before the reception, you went above and beyond what we expected from a photographer.

I’ve gotten more compliments about my wedding photos than I can even count. Everyone is just blown away.

You are far from just a photographer, you are an artist and I can’t thank you enough.


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What a wonderful wedding experience! Sandra & Christina were great & you can see the proof in … THE PROOF!!!!

Keri Humphrey…mother of the bride

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Hi Sandra, the photos are unreal!! I love them, the girls love them, we couldn’t be happier!!! Thank you so much!

Amanda Zanni MacIntyre-trash the dress bride


I am so happy with the pics you have shown so far. THANK you, THANK you!!! If this was my dad saying this, he’d be teary eyed…and you know it lol!

I would like to thank Sandra Adamson for making me cry first thing this morning!!! The wedding slideshow is amazing, I just want to keep watching it over and over!!

A huge thank you to Sandra Adamson for the photobook, her talent and generosity! You’ve been amazing!!

My generous wedding photographer and friend put together these slideshows for Scott and I, one of our wedding day and the other my trash the dress . She also used the music I had on my wedding CD. She’s done an amazing job I love it!!

Sylvie Lavoie…the bride