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Field Trip Photography 102 Class

Field Trip Photography 102 – Class length: 2 hours

Class Setting Choices
Individual One on One Classroom Setting – $200 course fee ($100 of this fee is a non refundable seat retainer fee), one on one class with myself booked around my schedule, the class can only be booked every second weekend. Payment in full is due at the time of booking your class via e-transfer as well as signing a course registration contract.


1.DSLR camera and lens, completion of Photography 101 class above or knowledge of the material covered in the above course.

Material Covered in Course – all aspects covered in Photography 101 will be applied in the field along with the following course material.

The fundamentals of shooting a quality image.
Focus Drag
Focal Length
Outdoor Natural Lighting
Capturing motion by using shutterspeed
Working with Depth of Field and aperatures
Learn how to shoot with speedlight outdoors/indoors
Learn how to shoot outdoor portraits
Applying fundamentals learned in Photography 101

*you will receive a link to a downloadble version of all course material covered at the end of the course – 17 pages in pdf form.