8 Groom Tips For Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is probably one of the most overwhelming things you’ll do. So many decisions to make, things to remember, people to invite, and deadlines to meet. We hope the list of tips below will help you, the groom, prepare for the big day. 

The groom getting ready with groomsmen putting on his cufflinks.

Groom Tips For Getting Fitted

One thing no one else can do when it comes to your wedding day and preparing for it, is getting fitted for your suit. Whatever you both, as a couple, decide to wear on your big day, ensure it fits you perfectly. It’s very important, especially for photographs. Make your appointments and attend. Having a perfectly fitted suit makes a huge difference on your big day. 

It’s also important that you get your groomsmen their attire as well. Giving them some freedom in what they wear can make a big difference in how they feel throughout that day. Take a day and grab all of the boys and make a whole day out of it. This also gives you the chance to show them how much you truly appreciate them and their support on this amazing journey. Ensure all of their suits fit perfectly. They have the correct colors in certain items. Even ensure they know how to properly tie their tie. Not all men are experts, but having a properly tied tie makes a huge difference in appearance and your wedding photos. 

The groom with groomsmen getting ready at a Prince George Hotel wedding in Halifax.

Groom Tips For Groomsmen Gifts

One of the most important things in your wedding planning is getting your groomsmen gifts. You can find over 300 groomsmen gift ideas to choose from online. We’re certain you’ll find something for all of the guys in your groomsmen party. This is such an important aspect of your wedding planning because you want to show them how much you appreciate them. They are by your side every step of the way. Make sure you let them know, that you do appreciate them. There are small things you can do or add to basic gifts that make them stand out. Personalizing items or getting something different for everyone. This really shows the guys how much thought and time you put into their gifts.

The groom with his groomsmen getting ready for his Juno Tower wedding.

Make A List

It’s no secret that there’s so much that goes into planning a wedding. The first thing you can do to help make it less intimidating is making a list. Simply making a list of everything you need or want to accomplish is important. Visualizing everything will also help to organize your mind and thoughts. By doing this you can organize them physically on paper as well. This will help to make sure you’re not forgetting any small details. Bundling the tasks up into sections will help make sure of that too. For example if you gather everything together for your reception and then realize you didn’t make a decision on the number of tables. You can tackle that problem and check it off of your list. 

Make A Planner

After you have your list you can also create a planner. During your wedding planning, you’re going to have to make multiple different appointments for an arrangement of different tasks. Creating a planner so you can keep all of the wedding tasks in order but also your everyday life will make it ten times easier. You can then balance your work life, social life, and your wedding planning altogether. This helps to ensure you can complete everything you need for the wedding and your everyday tasks. There are deadlines needed, especially for the wedding so ensuring you get stuff done on time is essential to the timeline of your wedding planning. 

Once you have a basic planner laid out you can prioritize other tasks. Why? A couple of reasons. Assuming you and your significant other have picked a certain date. You will want to ensure you have everything completed at a certain time before then. If you can decide which tasks need to be done then you’re ensuring that you can finish them in time. Having your calendar all laid out will help you to plan. It will help you make the most out of your free time. Allow yourself room for error, but overall you’ll be pleased with how quickly you’ll be able to plan and not be so stressed about deadlines. 

Make Your Own Guest List

Creating the guest list can be super overwhelming. Trying to decide who can or can’t come to your wedding is scary. You don’t want to upset any friends or family. Making your own guest list will make the overall process easier for you and your bride. You both should complete your own separate guest list of people for the wedding day, from most important to least important. This way you can pick your guest list without stepping on anyone’s toes. 

Choosing your guest list should also be one of the first decisions you make. For a few reasons. It’s the base for all other decisions. You can’t pick a venue till you know how many people you plan to have. Most decisions are made around the quality of the product or space that is needed. This is why creating your guest list should probably be one of the first decisions you and your partner decide. 

Attend Appointments

When it comes to planning a wedding there are often times when you have multiple different appointments for a range of different reasons. From tasting food to visiting venues. You have a lot of things that require your attendance and so ensuring you can make it, is super important. This goes hand in hand with your planner as well. Keeping the planner will help you keep track of your appointments as well. 

Favors For Your Guests

Favors aren’t something that is required. Some people choose not to do them at all. However, it is always nice to have something for your guests to take home with them to remember your big day. This doesn’t necessarily have to be anything major or expensive. Even a little bottle of bubbles with your wedding information is a common favor item. You can really get creative with it and choose something super unique. There are different sites as well that have the ability to sell you a large number of items for a fairly lower price. Here is a great website for wedding favor ideas with a ton to get you started. 

Ask For Help

Asking for help with your wedding, from family and friends, isn’t a sin but many seem to think it is. They want to help, we’re sure of it. Any family member, especially immediate family, would be thrilled to help you in any way they can. Give them a task that’s fairly simple and doesn’t require any specific decision making. This allows you to focus on tasks that desperately need your attention but also lets them feel involved. It will get things done so much faster. It’s truly a win-win for everyone. 

The bride wrapping ribbon around her bridal bouquet for her wedding at the Old Orchard Inn Heritage Barn.

Most dream of their wedding day, but when they get engaged and see everything that goes into the planning they get a little overwhelmed. We hope the tips we presented above will help you to not feel so overwhelmed with planning your wedding. These tips should help you stay organized and ensure you can stay on track with your wedding date. 

The bride and groom wedding party photos against the White Point main stone building in Nova Scotia.

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