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Photography 101 Class

Photography 101 | The basics of Photography and your Camera

Class Setting Choices
Individual One on One Classroom Setting – $200 course fee ($100 of this fee is a non refundable seat retainer fee), one on one class with myself booked around my schedule, the class can only be booked every second weekend. Payment in full is due at the time of booking your class via e-transfer as well as signing a course registration contract. If the student requires more time to complete the course above the four hours included there will be an additional $50/hr fee.

the course includes the following:

1. Class length: 4 hours.
2. Downloadable version of all course material covered at the end of the course – 40 pages in pdf form and all images used.

Course Requirements:

1.DSLR camera (with manual mode capabilities) and lenses, basic knowledge of your camera buttons is an asset but not required. Bring your manual if not using a nikon.
2. 5-6 of what you consider to be your best images in print or JPG format.

Material Covered in Course – all aspects of photography, by the end of your class you will be able to operate your camera in manual mode, choose all your settings for your camera and understand how elements of photography relate to each other.

Aperature Priority Mode
Priority Mode
Manual Mode
Aperature (f/stop)
Depth of Field
White Balance
On Camera Light meter
RAW versus JPG
Fill Flash

If student does not finish the course within the 4 hour time alotted they may opt to add more time at $50 per hour.

–Testomonial for Photography 101–

After my first photography lesson with Sandra I have to say I was totally blown away by the fact that I thought I knew what I was doing but in actual fact I had no idea. Sandra was very thorough and patient. I had lots of questions and still do; she always takes the time to explain something. One of the things that I like most about her lesson is the fact that she is very detailed. The fact that she wrote me a “cheat sheet” so to speak was awesome.I carry it with me every time I take my camera out! I am very much looking forward to our next lesson which is a field trip! Thank you Sandra for your awesome-ness!