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Halifax NS Photography, Studio, Lightroom and Photoshop Classes

All photography courses are taught at my studio in Mineville NS, 5 minutes outside of Dartmouth, with the exception of the field trips. Class times are limited due to my business travel so make sure you contact me immediately if you wish to book a class. If you require the class to be brought to your location an additional travel fee of $50.00 (within the Halifax NS metro area) will be added to the course fee and this is only available at my discretion. For travel fees outside the HRM please email for a quote. Please visit my website for up to date pricing and full descriptions of each course
Please note I am a Nikon girl. I shoot with a Nikon D750 and a variety of lenses and speedlights. The fundamentals of photography are the same for any camera, you just need to know where your buttons are so bring your manual if you are using a different camera.

Don’t have an slr yet but still want to learn? I have 2 full camera set ups, if you wish to use my equipment to learn – no fee for Photography 101 classes, $50.00 equipment use fee for Field Trip 101 Classes.

uomo cerca donna Veneto Classes:

uomo cerca donna Pescara Photography 101 – Fee: $200.00 per student for one on one or classroom setting. ($100 non refundable registration fee due at time of booking)

Class length: 3-4 hours depending on student. You will receive a link to a downloadble version of all course material covered at the end of the course – 21 pages in pdf form.

Want the course material but not the actual one on one lesson? You can purchase the course material to work through on your own if you wish, to purchase click here.

1.DSLR camera and lens, basic knowledge of your camera buttons is an asset but not required. Bring your manual if not using a nikon.
2. 6-8 of what you consider to be your best images in print form.

Material Covered in Course – all aspects of photography, by the end of your class you will be able to operate your camera in manual mode, choose all your settings for your camera and understand how elements of photography relate to each other.

Aperature Priority Mode
Shutterspeed Priority Mode
Manual Mode
Aperature (f/stop)
Depth of Field
On Camera Light meter
White Balance
RAW versus JPG

donna cerca uomo Anzio –Testomonial for Photography 101–
After my first photography lesson with Sandra I have to say I was totally blown away by the fact that I thought I knew what I was doing but in actual fact I had no idea. Sandra was very thorough and patient. I had lots of questions and still do; she always takes the time to explain something. One of the things that I like most about her lesson is the fact that she is very detailed. The fact that she wrote me a “cheat sheet” so to speak was awesome.I carry it with me every time I take my camera out! I am very much looking forward to our next lesson which is a field trip! Thank you Sandra for your awesome-ness!

uomo cerca donna Bisceglie Field Trip 101 – Fee $200.00 per student. Class length: 2 hours ($100 non refundable registration fee due at time of booking)
1.DSLR camera and lens, completion of Photography 101 class above or knowledge of the material covered in the above course.

Material Covered in Course – all aspects covered in Photography 101 will be applied in the field along with the following course material.

The fundamentals of shooting a quality image.
Focus Drag
Focal Length
Outdoor Natural Lighting
Capturing motion by using shutterspeed
Working with Depth of Field and aperatures
Learn how to shoot with speedlight outdoors/indoors
Learn how to shoot outdoor portraits

*you will receive a link to a downloadble version of all course material covered at the end of the course – 17 pages in pdf form.

uomo cerca donna Caltanissetta Lightroom Workflow and Post Production
All Module Coverage: Fee $200.00 per student. ($100 non refundable registration fee due at time of booking)

Course Length – 7 hours, you will receive a link to a downloadble version of all course material covered in the modules you choose to take at the end of the course – Total course material is 117 pages in pdf form.

Some of my clients do not use all the modules in Lightroom in particular the print and slideshow modules so I am providing another option for those that only want to learn certain parts of Lightroom and not the entire program. **Please note for group rate discount above, fee must be paid in full on the first class date whether you take the course all at once or divide it up as below.

Session 1: Organization and Library Module – 2 hours $50.00
Session 2: Develop Module – 3 hours $100.00
Session 3: Print, Slideshow and Web Slideshow Modules – 2 hours $50.00

Don’t need one on one lessons but would like to purchase the course material to learn on your own?
To purchase Lightroom for Photographers 101: Organization and the Library module click here.
To purchase Ligthroom for Photographers 101: the Develop Module click here.
To purchase Lightroom for Photographers 101: the Print/Slideshow/Web Modules click here.

1. Laptop with any Lightroom or Photoshop version, course material uses Lightroom 3.0 and Photoshop CS5.
2. Your own RAW images for processing

Material Covered in Course – the full image post production process using Lightroom/Photoshop.
Full Instruction on the following:

1. Windows Image Organization for Lightroom – computer, external hard drive and storage set ups for Lightroom, creating folders and naming files for Lightroom to interact with, relationship between Lightroom and computer, configuration of Lightroom.

2. Library Module – organizing your images, naming your images, or renaming images, creating catalogues, creating collections, how to retrieve missing images, rating images, stars for images, rejecting images, meta data input, keywords, titles, copyright, comments field and where to locate your created catalogues for backing up

3. Develop Module – presets-how to create, import and use, snapshots, history, all tools in the develop module: histogram, white balance, clone/heal, red eye remover, exposure, brightness/contrast, vibrance, saturation, tones and curves, sharpening and noise reduction, vignetting, how to transfer all your changes in a TIFF file for exporting to photoshop for more work, and how to import your photoshop edits back into lightroom, saving image with/without watermarking, batch saving, saving images to a pre-determined size etc.

4. Print Module – how to set up printing presets, how to print, how to calibrate your printer-so printer makes no color corrections and lightroom/photoshop handles the colors in your images-what you see on your screen is what prints.

5. Slideshow/Web modules – how to create slideshows for pdf output, how to create slideshows for website use, arranging of files for slideshows, exporting slideshows.

–Testomonial for Lightroom 101–
I really enjoyed my lessons and intend on plowing into CS5, Lightroom and all the plugins, presets, and jeazly hooha’s included in the software right away before I loose it. Thanks again for the “you know what(s)!!!!!!!Wish me luck!

Sandra Adamson photography and design is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer, who offers photography services to the Halifax Nova Scotia metro area as well as the surrounding Maritime provinces including New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton. She is also available for international destination travel. If you are interested in booking her photography services please visit her website for full details at Like me on Facebook!