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Halifax NS Wedding Photographer How Many Hours Do I Really Need?

Halifax NS Wedding Photographer How Many Hours Do I Really Need?

All of my wedding photography and cinematic video packages include up to twelve hours of continuous coverage, as this is what I need to be able to capture your wedding in my style. This does not mean I will be there for an entire twelve hours, I will be there until I feel I’ve captured every possible moment and there is nothing left to capture-usually I leave about an hour after the regular dancing starts. As this can be a very long day for myself, I prefer to be finished by 10:30pm but exceptions can always be made.

Many of my clients are getting married for the first time and are unsure what an actual wedding day looks like from a photographer’s perspective. We work together to make sure that I am able to capture everything you want during your wedding day and that you have the hours of coverage you need to attain this. Hand in hand with the timeline schedule, I also set up a formal image list with my clients to help make sure we have the time needed during the formals to get all the family, wedding party and of course the bride and groom images that my clients want. I am a very organized person and the first thing I like to do for my clients is set up a spreadsheet with the timeline schedule/Image list/and questionnaire, this spreadsheet resides on my google drive and is available for them to edit and update at anytime as they move closer to their wedding date. It is very important to me that my client’s and I are on the same page throughout our conversations leading up to the wedding as I want to make sure you have a very unique and pleasing experience.

Things to consider as well when setting up your timeline: the Sun and commute times! The sun sets at different times throughout the year so it’s a good idea to take note of sunset and work your formals in before that sunsets, once it sets that’s it for daytime formal style images. If you have chosen a lot of different locations such as your ceremony and reception are at different locations and you need to travel to another location for your formals-you need to add commute time for all of these locations in your timeline. The more places we have to travel too the shorter that 12 hours becomes. Every timeline will be different depending on the differences in weddings, some clients want a first look and formals prior to the ceremony if it’s a late night ceremony but the below sample will at least give you an idea of how to structure your wedding day timeline. Always start with the time for your ceremony and dinner as those are usually set in stone and work your timeline around those two things. By choosing what images are most important to you that you know you can not do without you will be able to start building your own timeline and of course I am always here as a sounding board to help.

So below is the typical 12 hour wedding timeline I require for my wedding style, this is the way I prefer to shoot weddings-salon/hair/makeup, getting ready for both bride and groom/still images, first look (if applicable), ceremony/still images, formals, reception-still images/speeches/first dance/mom&son/father&daughter dances.

uomo cerca trans Ravenna WEDDING DAY TIMELINE  SAMPLE                                                            


uomo cerca donna Trapani Salon or Hair/Makeup Artist Comes to You – Coverage at the salon or at home for your hair and makeup being done. Generally depending on how many bridesmaids you have this can be anywhere from 1-1.5 hours. Don’t forget travel time from the salon to the location you will be getting ready at (if hair dresser and make up artist are coming to where you are getting ready this won’t matter). For video this is mandatory.

halifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding, photographer,bride, groom, love, makeup

10:00-10:30am travel time to getting ready location (if required)


donna cerca uomo Anzio Still Images – This is mandatory for my wedding style, still images. These are images taken of your wedding gown, rings, shoes, invitations, bouquet, garter, cuff links, ring bearer pillow etc-anything that you will be wearing the day of the wedding? Generally I ask for 1 hour to cover all of these items.


halifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding, photographer,bride, groom, love, couple, bouquet, roses, rose, black, feathers, flowers



coppia cerca donna Rimini Getting Ready – Mandatory for my wedding style, coverage of the bride and maids getting ready as well as the groom and groomsmen. Add one hour for the girls and 40 minutes for the guys. It is best for the bride and groom to be getting ready very close together location wise to cut down on commute times between the two. If you are both getting ready at different locations make sure you add the commute time from one location to the other. For video both groom/bride prep are mandatory, for photography only-if the groom doesn’t want coverage then it is not required.

halifax ns wedding photographer

halifax ns wedding photographer bride

wedding photographer bride halifax ns








1:00pm travel time to ceremony venue (if required)

1:30-2:00pm – donna cerca uomo Torino Ceremony Still Images – I generally want to be at the ceremony location 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to setup cameras and take still images of the ceremony location. For video this is mandatory.

2:00pm Ceremony-how long will your ceremony last, majority of ceremonies are about 30 minutes.

halifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding, photographer, photography, bride, groom, ceremony, venuehalifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding, photographer, photography, bride, groom, ceremony, venue

halifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding, photographer, photography, bride, groom, ceremony, venue






2:30pm Receiving Line – The receiving line after the ceremony is when your wedding party lines up and guests congratulate you, if you want to have this allow for 45 minutes, if you do not wish to have this I require a 20 min buffer because in my experience even if you tell guests you don’t want this they will stop you anyway on your way out the door.

3:15pm Cocktail Hour – Will you be having a cocktail hour? Will you want to be at the cocktail hour? Usually the wedding formals are done while the guests are at cocktail hour but occasionally a couple will want to be at the cocktail hour-if this is required then formals may need to be handled in a different manner ie having the girls formals done at the getting ready location and then extending the cocktail hour to cover another hour for the family formals this would be discussed further on adjusting the timeline to fit a client’s needs.

Add travel time to formals location if applicable.

3:15pm Formal Images – I require 2 hours for formal images and this is mandatory for my wedding style, 1 hour for your family formals and 1 hour for your wedding party and couple images. Your formals can be separated to have an hour in the morning before the ceremony and an hour after the ceremony but it is 2 hours mandatory.

Halifax, NS, nova scotia, wedding, photographer, photography, party, groomsmen, historic, properties, groom, bride, bridesmaids






5:15pm Travel time to reception venue.

5:30pm  Reception Stills – Capturing the tables, plates, name tags, center peices, head table, entire room empty is mandatory for video. This will require 30 minutes prior to you and guests entering the reception hall.

halifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding, photographer, photography, bride, groom, ceremony, venue

halifax ns wedding photographer reception

halifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding, photographer, photography, bride, groom, ceremony, venue






6:00pm Dinner – At this point I take a break as I don’t like taking pictures of people eating so still images can also be done at this point though guests may be in the images. If you have elected to have video I take this time to set up lighting for speeches, set up third camera, test audio etc.

halifax ns wedding photographer receptionhalifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding, photographer, photography, bride, groom, ceremony, venuehalifax ns wedding photographer reception








6:45pm Speeches – usually about an hour or so depending on how many people will be speaking

8:00pm First Dance – are you having a first dance, mother/son dance, father/daughter dances-if so add about 20 minutes for this.

halifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding photographer, photography, first dance, bride, groom, reception, venue halifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding photographer, photography, first dance, bride, groom, reception, venue

8:15pm Dance party starts – would you like a photo booth during this time? This is generally when the photobooth is being set up for minimum 2 hours of coverage if purchased. If not then I generally take candids of guests dancing.

8:30pm Garter/Bouquet Toss  – these will take about 30 minutes usually.

9:00pm coverage ends.

halifax, ns, nova scotia, wedding photographer, photography, first dance, bride, groom, reception, venue


Once you have booked my photography services we will start building your timeline but we will also start building a list of images that are most important to you from candids to family and wedding party formals, I want to know every image you want so I can make sure your wedding day runs smoothly with respect to your photography. In your spreadsheet on page two you will find a list of images to choose from as well as comment area for images you want that are not on the list. This is just a guideline to help me make sure you get all the images that are most important to you. What you will do with this is simply write the names of the people next to each image you want, any images you don’t want or need you leave blank.

Bride’s Side
Bride/Mom                                                 ie: Jodi, Colleen 
Bride/Dad                                                  bride’s father no longer living for example this would be left blank
Bride/Mom/Dad                                          blank because we already have her and her mom above.
Bride/Mom/Dad/Siblings                             Jodi, Gary, Colleen, Alicia (Garret?-bride unsure if this person will be here)
Bride/Individual Siblings

Groom’s Side
Groom/Individual Siblings
Bride/Groom/Full Family Both Sides

Ring Bearer
Flower Girl
Bride/Flower Girl
Groom/Ring Bearer
Bride/Groom/Flower Girl/Ring Bearer
Entire Wedding Party with Ring/Flower Girl

Bride/Maid of Honor
Bride/Bridesmaids Individual
Bride/Maid of Honor/Bridesmaids
Bride/Groom/Maid of Honor/Bridesmaids
Groom/Maid of Honor/Bridesmaids

Groom/Groomsmen Individual

Entire Wedding Party
Bride and Groom alone
Bride Alone
Groom Alone

Comments – list particular shots you want throughout the day that are not above.

  1. Bride would like an image of bride/groom between a door holding hands but not able to see each other.
  2. Bride would like an image of groom against a wall, her facing him hiking up her dress to show her garter, her back to camera.


I hope this has been helpful and a good insight of the next step once you’ve booked my wedding photography service.


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