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Lightroom The Basics Class

Lightroom Workflow and Post Production Course

All Module Coverage: Individual One on One Classroom Setting – $200 course fee ($100 of this fee is a non refundable seat retainer fee), one on one class with myself booked around my schedule, the class can only be booked every second weekend. Payment in full is due at the time of booking your class via e-transfer as well as signing a course registration contract. 

Course Length – 4 hours, you will receive a link to a downloadable version of all course material covered in the modules you choose to take at the end of the course – Total course material is 117 pages in pdf form. If the student needs more than the average four hours to complete the course there will be an additional $50/hr fee.

1. Laptop with any Lightroom or Photoshop version.
2. Your own RAW images for processing

Material Covered in Course – the full image post production process using Lightroom/Photoshop.

Full Instruction on the following:
1. Windows Image Organization for Lightroom – computer, external hard drive and storage set ups for Lightroom, creating folders and naming files for Lightroom to interact with, relationship between Lightroom and computer, configuration of Lightroom.

2. Library Module – organizing your images, naming your images, or renaming images, creating catalogues, creating collections, how to retrieve missing images, rating images, stars for images, rejecting images, meta data input, keywords, titles, copyright, comments field and where to locate your created catalogues for backing up

3. Develop Module – presets-how to create, import and use, snapshots, history, all tools in the develop module: histogram, white balance, clone/heal, red eye remover, exposure, brightness/contrast, vibrance, saturation, tones and curves, sharpening and noise reduction, vignetting, how to transfer all your changes in a TIFF file for exporting to photoshop for more work, and how to import your photoshop edits back into lightroom, saving image with/without watermarking, batch saving, saving images to a pre-determined size etc.

4. Print Module – how to set up printing presets, how to print, how to calibrate your printer-so printer makes no color corrections and lightroom/photoshop handles the colors in your images-what you see on your screen is what prints.

5. Slideshow/Web modules – how to create slideshows for pdf output, how to create slideshows for website use, arranging of files for slideshows, exporting slideshows.

–Testomonial for Lightroom 101–

I really enjoyed my lessons and intend on plowing into CS5, Lightroom and all the plugins, presets, and jeazly hooha’s included in the software right away before I loose it. Thanks again for the “you know what(s)!!!!!!!Wish me luck!