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The O’Quinn Cinematic Wedding Video Package at White Point Beach Resort

The O’Quinn Cinematic Wedding Video Package at White Point Beach Resort

Finally the second product I will be offering wedding clients in my Cinematography Package is completed. Two more products left to create and I’m moving right along. Love love love the way this turned out though I have realized a few things I will be doing differently at my upcoming second photo/video wedding on new years eve-definitely want video during the formals that will be Christina’s new job at the next wedding. Definitely need 5-7 second video clips anything under 5 seconds just doesn’t work for these wedding flip albums but when you’ve never created something like this before you have to live and learn and then make your adjustments for the next time!

Without further ad hue this is a sample of the O’Quinn Living Wedding Album. This album will eventually be a part of my Grey and Black label sessions-still have to work out my new packages it’s on my Xmas vacation list of things to do. The living wedding album is a combination of still photography images and 5 to 7 second video clips set to music in a flipping digital wedding album. Each album is 20 pages with the clients choice of 75 images and the video clips are chosen by myself for the album. I’ll be adding the other products to this page as I complete them so stay tuned and happy viewing.

O’Quinn Wedding Photography and Videography Slideshow


O’Quinn Wedding Photography and Videography Album

O’Quinn Wedding Cinematic Highlight Reel Video

O’Quinn Wedding Cinematic Full Feature Video

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