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Halifax Wedding Cinematographer The MacPhee Cinematic Video Package

The MacPhee Cinematic Video Highlight Reel


So the MacPhee wedding was my second wedding creating both photography images and video. I have come a little bit further in the video process which I am happy about but I’m not quite where I want to be yet, I know it will come with time, experience and lots of practise. This wedding, both myself and Christina captured video so I ended up with double the video clips than my first attempt. However I did make two mistakes that upset me quite a bit, I’m sure no one else will really notice but the fact that I noticed was bad enough. One thing about me, I learn from my mistakes and I won’t be making that mistake again. More practise and more time and I think I will really really love the video side of things as much as the photography! I’m on to the slideshow, all images are done, slideshow is designed I just have to input the video now to it so that should be done the next time I am home then it’s on to the album and full feature.

Wedding Photography & Videography Slideshow

Wedding Photography & Videography Digital Album

Cinematic Wedding Full Feature Video

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