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About This Halifax NS Wedding Photographer…

A little about this Halifax NS Wedding photographer, me…

My name is Sandra Adamson, my love and passion is wedding photography, but don’t tell my husband that!

I specialize in wedding photography…why?
I absolutely love emotional moments. For me, I find no other event in life more emotional then a wedding day and I will tear up, it’s inevitable. This is where the journey of a new life begins with two people in love, the possibilities are endless and so are the emotional moments.

I would say that I shoot in a creative and artistic story telling style. I like to capture every aspect of a wedding day right down to even the smallest of details. Wedding candids are my absolute favorite images to capture, the moments when my clients have no idea that I am there with camera in hand. I find those wedding images show the true emotional moments of their wedding day. Although yes, I will pose if I must 🙂 By the end of the wedding day I truly hope I’ve made two new friends for life and I hope they love the wedding photographs I’ve created for them and they come back again and again as their family grows.

A wedding client once said to me “You are truly amazing at what you do, not only in capturing the photo but capturing the moment and feeling is what your photography is about.” For me, my wedding photography is how I see the world around me and it is as simple as this:

Emotional Life Moment + Untouched by Photographer = Perfection To Me

If your wedding photography means absolutely everything to you, and you are looking for a unique experience with unique, creative, artistic and stylish imagery, not just your regular wedding photograph, then I am the wedding photographer for you.

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